Selling Myrtle Beach Real Estate

The main goal of the JP Real Estate Experts is to sell your Myrtle Beach home or condo as quickly as possible for the absolute best price that we can. It's as simple as that (in theory). While that sounds like a simple goal, the way that we attain it is what sets us apart from other Myrtle Beach realtors. 

To help you sell your Myrtle Beach home or Myrtle Beach condo, we aggressively market using proven methods that generate results. For example, when you list your home with our Myrtle Beach realtors we will:

  • Submit your Myrtle Beach home listing to national and local real estate publications
  • Email other Myrtle Beach realtors and prospective buyers
  • Display your listing on over 150 websites
  • Create signs and use direct mail campaigns
  • Market to local, regional, and national buying prospects
  • Print full-color flyers 
  • Conduct visual home tours.
If you're ready to sell your Myrtle Beach home or condo, contact The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts today. 

Myrtle Beach Realtors Who Work to Sell Your Home

The JP Real Estate Experts averaged 1.75% more money for its sellers than the competition. Our Myrtle Beach realtors also boast a List to Sale Price Average of 94.43%. This means that we work hard to sell your Myrtle Beach home or condo at the best possible price to make you the most possible money.

Our aggressive marketing strategy, industry-leading knowledge, experience, and insight into the Myrtle Beach real estate market make us one of the top teams of Myrtle Beach realtors. Contact The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts today to begin the process of selling your Myrtle Beach home or Myrtle Beach condo.

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