Are you considering an oceanfront condo as your next big investment?

Or perhaps just your new vacation home?

If health and security are at the top of your must-have list, check out this list of the many benefits of investing in oceanfront living.

Oceanfront Condo Living

Living on the beach doesn't have to be a long-term dream. In fact, choosing a condo over a home means you pay a fraction of the price.

If you still don't think you can afford it, hop on board with multiple buyers. Share the same condo for yourselves, or rent it out to others and split the income.

Unless something radical changes in the human mindset, nothing is going to stop people from wanting to be on the beach anytime in the foreseeable future. Your investment is safe and your return is more than likely guaranteed.


In many cases, condominium developments have offerings that are not readily available for the typical homeowner. Everything from clubhouses to golf courses to tennis courts and more are available right on the property.

Developments with these kinds of amenities can be more expensive - especially on the beach. However, it's a great opportunity to share with multiple owners than buying it outright for yourself.


Some properties offer a variety of social events throughout the year. It fosters a feeling of community and brings condo owners together.

Community-building is a more difficult feat in larger developments. Short-term renters will come and go fast. This can make it more difficult to branch out and get to know other residents.


What can be better than living on the beach? While beachfront homes may be far out of your financial reach, condos can be a legitimate alternative.

They offer the lifestyle you want - a lifestyle you can enjoy - at a major discount in comparison. Beachfront homes can go for millions of dollars while condos can be had on the same beach for a third of the cost.

Keep in mind that some properties can still be run by an HOA. This can add to your overall living expenses.


The great thing about any oceanfront property is that it will always be in high demand. Some buyers want to purchase in hopes that the price will increase in value over time. That, or use it as rental income.

However, condos appreciate slower than homes. Using it as a rental property is more viable for short-term goals.

The rental income you make during vacation season an pay a whole year's maintenance cost. This gives you the ability to enjoy the property yourself fro the rest of the year and enjoy a decent income on the side.


High exposure to sunlight increases the amount of Vitamin D your skin creates. It also benefits bone health and prevents osteoporosis.

Vitamin D is only found in a few foods. Beachfront living will give you all the sunshine you need.

Fresh Air

Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions. It helps your body absorb oxygen and improve alertness.

Negative ions balance serotonin levels as well. It reduces stress and improves your mood.

After a long day on the beach, you'll sleep better and are more refreshed the following morning. Living on the beach can be a massive health boost.

Increased Immunity

With stress decreasing, your immune functions will follow. Reducing your daily stress intake creates a healthier lifestyle on its own.

Most allergy issues will decrease over time. Even digestive health is known to improve.

Improved Mental Health

Research studies have focused on the relationship between health and coastal living. They've found an uptick in mental health among people who live on the beach.

There is a widely-discussed concept known as "blue mind." It is a theory that suggests humans are intrinsically connected to the ocean.

It's thought that the ocean's frequencies can be tuned-in to from our minds. Doing so can radically improve mental health and cognition.

This is also why many of the best drug rehabilitation centers are located on or near the beach. Just watching the water is said to help bring focus and intent toward a patient's recovery.

Water Sports

What better place to be for a lover of water sports than the beach? Living in an oceanfront condo grants you access to surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, diving, and a plethora of other opportunities

Fresh Seafood

If you live on the beach, chances are you live near a restaurant or grocer who receives fresh catches every day. You'll never have to worry about the freshness of your lobster again.

Taking it a step further, if you're a fisher, you can catch dinner yourself. However, be mindful of local laws.


If security is a big concern, most condos offer gated or locked entries. This includes 24/7 doormen and security professionals on-site.

Additionally, in an emergency, you'll have plenty of people to turn to for help. It's just one of the many benefits of living in close proximity to other people.


Arguably one of the greatest benefits of living in a condo is not having to deal with maintenance. Just like with an apartment, the property owners handle any major property issues.

They cut the grass and maintain the grounds themselves. If not, they hire a third party to do so.

Property owners are also responsible for fixing the roof. This can be a major benefit on a beach that is prone to severe storms.

Let's Go to the Beach

As you can see, there are so many benefits to having an oceanfront condo. They're not all financial either.

There are incredible health benefits to living on the beach as well. It can reduce stress, improve your mood, and generally improve your well-being.

If you're ready to take the next step, check out our listings for Myrtle Beach condos under 100k. If you have a larger budget in mind, we've got you covered there too - all the way to the million dollar listings.

You've never had a better opportunity to buy affordable housing on the beach. After reading through the countless benefits, there's no reason you shouldn't. Invest and improve your life.

Don't you think its time to have your own place at the beach? What would be your favorite thing about owning an oceanfront condo?