Imagine you're walking out of your house in the morning and the first thing you see is the ocean.

You can feel the misty air tickling your face and the sticky sand beneath your toes. The birds call to each other, and the fish leap out of the water. You sit down on your patio with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and the latest novel from the NY Times best sellers list.

Did you know that 44% of people globally live near the coast? Coastal living can be an exciting change of pace for those who live in cities or suburbs. Trade the cold and snow for warm beaches and sunny skies!

Living close to the sea can actually improve your health and well being. Forget what you think you know about coastal living!

There are many exciting benefits to living near the water.

Coastal Living in South Carolina

1) It Makes You Happier

Not only does living by the coast benefit your long-term health, moving there is just as exciting. So you get the double whammy of happiness!

Studies have found that moving to a coastal place is 10% more fulfilling than finding a new job.

It also improves your well being. In England, their surveys said that people residing near the coast lived longer lives and had better life satisfaction. How can we argue with that?

Breathtaking views, ocean breeze, and sea salt baths feel like you are living in a spa year-round. Indulge in the natural benefits of coastal living.

Living close to the water makes you happier, plain and simple. That's a huge thing to know about coastal living.

2) Long Walks on the Beach

When you live close to the water, you're more likely to take walks or go on bike rides.

It may not feel like exercise, but you will look (and feel) better! Even a leisurely stroll on the beach for 20-30 minutes a day will improve your health.

When you know about your health, you can take steps to improve it!

Sand is also great for training because it acts as a natural resistance. That way, your muscles become more toned when you run.

Don't forget the sun! Getting those rays of sunshine on your skin is a crucial part of our Vitamin D supply, which keeps our bones healthy.

Being in a place that is mostly sunny is great for mood balance. People are who live in sunny states are less likely to be affected by seasonal depression.

The fresh sea breeze air is filled with tons of healthy negative ions that help you breathe better. These negative ions help the body absorb oxygen at greatest level.

It also helps boost serotonin, which is the same thing anti-depressants do! Serotonin helps regulate mood and behavior linked to happiness.

3) Fun in the Sun

Can someone say beach activities? There are so many fun things to do that are only for the water. Beach volleyball, boogie boarding, snorkeling, swimming, and surfing -- just to name a few.

Ever wanted to know about boating? Living near the water is a perfect time to buy the boat you've always dreamed of. Learn a new hobby and catch some sights you've never seen before.

Having a boat is beneficial because you can use it to practice the art of sailing, go fishing, and enjoy time with your family. Glide along the water with the ones you love, and enjoy the craftsmanship of sailing.

If you like being outside, you will love coastal living. Now, you'll have an excuse for those kayaks and paddle boards you bought on a whim.

4) Fresh Seafood

There's nothing like a full day of catching and eating your own dinner. When you live near the ocean, there is plenty of seafood around. Imagine being able to cast your net in the morning, and by the afternoon have a full catch of crabs and fish.

Myrtle Beach offers an amazing fishing experience, especially for locals. You can catch black sea bass, snapper, grouper, dolphin, and king mackerel.

There are several piers along the beaches for fishing, check out the Myrtle Beach visitor's page for licenses and other information.

Fresh seafood is the best seafood and when you live near the coast, all you have to do is walk out your door. You can even catch some fish by casting your rod from the shore!

5) Your Own Personal Zen

There is a reason people listen to the sound of ocean waves before bed, they have a remarkably calming effect. The sound of the ocean changes brainwaves to produce feelings of serenity.

Having a daily meditation practice near the water can have a notable effect on your well being.

There are more meditation benefits than we can count. But some notable ones are it reduces blood pressure, increases the ability to multitask, and improves personal relationships.

Many people dream of having their own oceanside oasis. Now, you can have your own personal zen space when you live near the coast.

Want to Know About Coastal Living?

Aside from the many health benefits of coastal living, it's also fun! Enjoy yourself and entertain the people you love, by walking out your door! Being near the water encourages you to unplug and unwind with your friends and family.

Reconnect to the important things in life by getting out of the city and near the water.

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