Each area of the United States has its own personality. Living in the Northeast is entirely different from living on the West coast, the Midwest, and the Southeast.

So how will moving to the Southeast be different from your current living situation? Depending on where you're coming from, you could be in for an entirely new environment, or perhaps one you're semi-familiar with.

Whichever the case is for you, it's important to know exactly what you're getting into. Check out these 6 things you should know about moving South.

Moving South

1. You'll Be Welcomed with Open Arms

The Southeast is a welcoming and friendly area. Don't be surprised to find new neighbors dropping by to welcome you into the neighborhood or for people you meet on the street or at the store to stop and talk.

Southerners are proud of where they live and where they're from, so they're bound to be excited to welcome you to the area.

Southern hospitality isn't just in the Deep South; it's definitely present in the Southeast as well. So be prepared to chat with your neighbors, strangers at the store, your waiter at a restaurant, and everyone else in between!

Myrtle Beach SC Average Temperatures

2. Moderate Temperatures

It's no secret that the Southeast gets a lot of sun. The Grand Strand is an ideal place for moderate temperatures, with the Atlantic Ocean keeping the temps steady. 

During the summer months, the Southeast can experience days when temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This high heat isn't for everyone, so keep that in mind when moving to the Southeast. The good news is, you can always invest in air conditioning to keep cool!

During the winter months the warmer temperatures are a huge benefit for many people who are used to suffering intense cold and snow during the winter. It will get colder in the winter, but not to the same degree as it would in the Midwest or the Northeast. This is another reason Myrtle Beach, SC is know as the snow bird capital of the south. A lot of retired people from the north east visit for 3 to 6 months of the year, to escape the harsh winters up north.

Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living

3. Increase (or Decrease) in Cost of Living

For those of you moving from more rural areas or less populated cities, moving to the Southeast could bring a higher cost of living.

But compared to most larger metropolitan cities in other areas of the country, like New York or Boston or San Fransisco, you should see a significant decrease in the cost of living. As with most areas, this will depend on the area that you're looking to move to.

But in general, areas of the Southeast can provide many benefits to other cities along with beautiful weather and views of nature without the high costs of places on the West coast or the Northeast.

You can use the property search tool to find properties within your specific budget.

Why So Many Americans Are Moving South

4. Moving to the Southeast has Health Benefits

Moving to the Southeast can actually benefit your health.

We mentioned the significant increase in sunshine. Not only will this warm you up, but it will also increase the amount of vitamin D you're getting. Vitamin D deficiency affects 50% of the U.S population.

Moving to the Southeast will provide you with ample access to this sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D has been shown to help:

  • Prevent chronic disease
  • Maintain bone health
  • Manage diabetes and insulin levels
  • Support brain, heart, and immune health

Besides simply giving you great access to vitamin D, the sunshine of the Southeast will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. No matter how much we want to go for a walk or go do activities in cold or bad weather, our instinct is to curl up in bed with a bag of chips and a binge-worthy Netflix show.

Moving to the warm and pleasant climate of the Southeast will make it easier for you to get out of the house and do healthy activities. You'll be more inclined to go for walks outside, swim in your pool, do outdoor activities, and even to go try new things.

The great weather of the Southeast will allow you to do all these things and more on almost every day of the year. In other areas of the country, rain or snow might keep you stuck inside. In the Southeast, the omniscient sunshine will beckon you to go do things.

Why So Many Americans Are Moving South

5. Different Weather Patterns

We've already mentioned the extra sun a few times, but that's not the only weather change you'll experience after you move to the Southeast.

Most people are used to a year where there are 4 distinct seasons. That isn't as true in the Southeast, or it at least isn't as pronounced. You may see slightly different temperatures depending on the month, but it isn't as huge of a difference as it would be in New England, for example.

You'll also need to get ready for different types of storms. You won't see that many snow storms in the Southeast, but you do need to be prepared for hurricanes or thunderstorms.

Hurricane season ranges from May until the end of November. These storms bring torrential rain and powerful gusts of wind, so you'll need to be prepared if one heads your way.

Spring and summer in the Southeast also brings thunderstorms. So while you will be escaping the huge blizzards of the Northeast and Midwest and you probably won't have to worry about tornados.

Move to a Relaxing Lifestyle

6. Relaxed Atmosphere

Compared to the fast-paced environment of other areas in the U.S (looking at you, New York City), the Southeast is downright relaxed and peaceful. People seem to move slower and enjoy the world around them more.

How could you not be relaxed in an environment where the sun always shines and the ocean is usually a car ride away? Slowing down can be an adjustment for some people who are used to a fast-paced life. But most people get used to it quickly and come to love the relaxed lifestyle they join by moving to the Southeast.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a brand new place adds stress to the already stressful task of moving. But when you're moving to a relaxed, sunny, and welcoming place like the Southeast, your stress will quickly melt away.

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