Looking for a new place to call home?

It's no surprise that more and more people are flocking to the South for its warm weather and thriving amenities. If all you know is that you want a warm area, how do you start narrowing it down?

Whatever you do, be sure to add Carolina Forest, SC to your list.

Carolina Forest SC

Why Choose Carolina Forest for Your New Home

Carolina Forest is an unincorporated planned community that is governed by Horry County, SC. It offers a range of unique benefits that make it the perfect place to call home.

1. Beach Access When You Want It

The one thing most people know about Carolina Forest is that it's near Myrtle Beach. In fact, many locals consider it to be the family-centered suburb of Myrtle Beach.

With a quick 20-minute drive, you'll be at the beach and enjoying all the sun, sand, and surf it offers. Whether you prefer the bustling beach at the height of the summer or you enjoy it more during its quieter off-season, you're close enough to hop over at any time.

At the same time, you're not stuck in the middle of the activity. Carolina Forest is nestled away enough that you won't be swamped with tourists every summer.

Myrtle Beach SC

2. Easy Getaways

Carolina Forest's location offers far more perks than Myrtle Beach.

The east coast is rich with destinations for quick weekend getaways. Carolina Forest is a few short hours from Charleston, Charlotte, Wilmington, and Francis Marion National Forest to name a few.

Not only are these destinations nearby, but they're easy to get to because of Carolina Forest's easy highway access.

3. Exceptional Schooling

For any family who's choosing a new home, the local schools are an important consideration. You're in luck if you're looking at Carolina Forest.

Located in the Horry County school district, Carolina Forest's schools have great reputations and strong test scores to prove that they live up to those reputations. In fact, the test scores rank above the state and district averages.

With such great public schools in your backyard, there's no need to shell out thousands for private schools unless you choose to.

Carolina Forest Schools

4. Family Communities

One look at Carolina Forest tells you it's designed with families in mind.

The community is arranged in a collection of subdivisions. There are single-family homes as well as condominiums for sale for those who prefer a closer community.

Each subdivision has its own feel, personality, and price point. Every resident can choose the perfect neighborhood for their family and the feel they want their community to have.

The subdivision structure means that no matter how many people are coming and going through the center of Carolina Forest, each neighborhood is its own quiet atmosphere.

Carolina Forest Myrtle Beach

5. New Infrastructure

If you haven't been to the South Carolina coast in a long time, it isn't surprising if you haven't heard of Carolina Forest.

The development for Carolina Forest began in 1997. That means all the infrastructure is relatively new and in good condition. You don't need to worry about crumbling roads or aging bridges that make you hold your breath every time you cross them.

As a result of how new the area is, most of the homes are newer as well. While we'd never advise buying any home without an inspection, you're less likely to have expensive problems with the young homes in Carolina Forest.


6. Booming Growth

When you're buying a home, you want to know that you can live there for the long haul. You need an area where you can feel secure and even have the possibility of increasing your home's value.

Carolina Forest has that in spades. In fact, Horry County is the fastest growing area in South Carolina. Last year's census showed a 28% population increase between 2010 and 2018.

As a homeowner, a growing community like this is exactly where you want to be. For one, it means increasing opportunities for jobs in the future, as well as an ever-growing community of potential friends.

A rising community also means your home has a stronger chance to increase in value as it brings more demand to the area. Even if you're planning to stay in your home for decades, that increased value is never a bad thing.

Carolina Forest's growth also makes it a perfect place to start a business. Every year you'll have a larger community of potential customers.

At the same time, the area is small enough that residents know each other and are likely to be loyal to local businesses. When you earn new customers, you can expect to keep them. It's the best of both worlds.

Carolina Forest Homes for sale

7. Golfing Galore

Beyond its close proximity to Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest has countless other opportunities for entertainment. It has everything from movie theaters to shopping, but it may be best known for its golf courses.

In particular, the three most popular golf courses are The Man O'War, Witch, and Wizard. People come from across the country to play these courses, so residents love having them in their back yard.

Myrtle Beach Golf Community

Making Your Home in Carolina Forest

Moving is never easy, whether you're an individual, a couple, or a family. There are countless factors to consider, from job opportunities to safety.

If you're looking for a place to start the next chapter of your life, Carolina Forest is a strong locale to consider. You're a stone's throw from the thriving excitement of Myrtle Beach, yet you can come home at night to a relaxing and quiet environment you can control.

If you're ready to start home shopping, browse home listings in Carolina Forest. Or, contact our real estate team for answers to all your questions.