Going on vacation is always welcomed, but why can't it be a year-long occasion? When you purchase a house by the beach it can be!

A beach is a place where wonderful memories with the family can be made. From seeing dolphins to making sandcastles, the beach offers us a plethora of exciting experiences. 

The beach is also a place where we can rest, relax, and get some much-needed vitamin D. But, it doesn't need to just be just a one-week getaway. The beach can also become our new home when we purchase a house by the beach

Purchasing a home tends to be a tedious and complex process. But, if you've never owned a beach house then you may be hesitant to proceed. This is understandable considering that a beach house comes with its own set of challenges and options to consider before purchasing. 

But, with the proper guidance and information you can purchase your house by the beach with confidence. All that's required is a bit of planning, a great real estate agent, and some understanding of beach homes and locations. 

Read on to find out what to expect when buying a beach house. 

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What to Look for When Purchasing a House by the Beach

Home purchases require us to take many steps before the sale is final. First, we must understand our budget, find a lender, and then get approved for a loan. 

Next, we need to find a reputable real estate agent who understands the area and has experience buying and selling beach houses. When we do find a beach house, all that is required of us is to make an offer and wait for it to be accepted. 

Keep in mind that getting an inspection is always a good idea. Especially, for a house by the beach. Beach houses have unique problems that can arise due to the salty air, sand, and water so it's important to consider getting an inspection. 

So, what other factors should you keep in mind when looking for a beach house? Explore the following information all about what to expect when purchasing a beach house. 

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1. Insurance Considerations

As with any home, you'll need to purchase homeowners insurance for your beach house. However, your rates are likely to be much higher than a house not located on the beach. This is partly due to weather conditions like hurricanes. 

In addition to purchasing homeowners insurance, you may also need to purchase flood insurance. Flood insurance can be costly, however. In Florida, for example, yearly flood insurance premiums can be $10,000 or more. 

It's important to have enough money in your budget to cover all these additional costs. Before deciding how much you can afford on a beach house, determine what the insurance rates are in the area. 

2. Structure

The construction and structure of a beach house are of high importance. Because these areas can experience severe weather, it's essential that any potential beach house is well-built and properly constructed. 

For example, if you are in a high flood risk area, you may want to consider purchasing a beach house that sits on stilts.

Find out what other materials the home is made of as well. Concrete and natural wood are two materials that are recommended for beach houses. 

The home should also have durable impact windows. These windows can withstand high winds. If the home doesn't have them, then consider installing them after you purchase your beach house.

3. Roof Material and Age

Replacing a roof is always a costly endeavor. The roof of a beach house is especially important because of the climate and weather conditions. 

If you're considering a metal roof, then opt for galvanized steel. Galvanized steel won't easily rust and can stand up against the salty air. If a home doesn't have a metal roof, then make sure that the current roof isn't aged. 

If the roof does need to be replaced, then consider asking for this repair to be made in your purchase agreement

4. Bills and Taxes

Living by the beach can also mean more monthly bills. To start, beach houses typically have a high property value. This means higher property taxes.

There may also be an HOA fee. When shopping for beach homes, it's also a good idea to ask what the home's monthly bills are. This will give you an idea of how much you'll be spending on the home on a monthly basis including mortgage and insurance. 

5. Rental Income and Property Management

If you don't intend on staying in your beach home year round, then you may consider renting it out. Ask your real estate agent if turning the home into a rental property is feasible. If it is, then determine how much rental income you can expect on a weekly basis. 

Keep in mind that you'll also need a property management company to help you maintain the home. Hiring a property manager will be an expense, so make sure to subtract this from your total rental income to get an idea of what the true profit will be. 

6. Neighborhood 

Lastly, take into account the neighborhood your beach house is surrounded by. Make note of the demographics and ask your realtor about who lives nearby. If you're not interested in being around Spring Breakers, for example, then make this clear to your realtor. 

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Purchasing a House by the Beach

Purchasing a house by the beach is a dream of many. For people who do make this dream a reality, some special considerations like the ones listed in this guide need to be taken into account. 

But, if you've managed to come this far to achieve your dream then all that's left is taking the leap. While it can be challenging finding the right beach house, make sure to have patience when looking. Having patience will help you to find the right beach house for you, at the right price, and in the right condition. 

Always lean on your real estate agent for advice and guidance. Your real estate agent should know the area best and be able to provide an expert opinion. To find the right real estate agent, feel free to interview multiple candidates. 

Interested in purchasing a beach condo instead of a beach house in Myrtle Beach? Browse condos for sale in the area and then contact us to set up a showing.