What's better than a Sunday morning cup o' joe and the paper? Better yet, what's more, scintillating than a major shopping spree bookmarked by some of the best coffee shops in Myrtle Beach? Not much!

Whether you're here to vacation or start anew, you're going to love your time in Myrtle Beach. In fact, this little slice of heaven is still leading the East Coast's population boom.

We saw a 3.9% population increase from 2015 to 2016. And there's a reason people are flocking to these shorelines. Here, there's something for everyone alongside the opportunity to rise with the sun each and every morning. Let's take a look at where to stop, refuel, and plan your life's greatest dreams. 

coffee shops in myrtle beach

Barefoot Barista

This coffee shop and tea house is located on Ocean Highway. This puts you right in the center of Pawleys Island.

But, here's the best part. If you like to support local farmers and know you're enjoying a fully organic cup o' joe, Barefoot's the spot. These lovely baristas brew coffee that's been purchased directly from the farmers. No middle man required. 

If you're visiting with a tea lover, be prepared to wow them. All the teas here are organic and brewed right at your table. If you're in need of a snack, don't leave without sampling the delights of their crepes.

And be sure to ask about the live entertainment. You're likely to catch a good spurt of live music if you time it just right. 

Best Coffee Shops in Myrtle Beach

Boardwalk Coffee House

If you're visiting Barefoot Landing, this is your home away from home. These guys specialize in gourmet coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and more. And, if you're "coffeed out," then dive into one of their fresh fruit smoothies. 

Even better, their renowned breakfast sandwiches are available all day. There's never a bad time for a sausage, egg, and cheese on a bagel. No matter your craving, this is the place to come with your appetite. Their sandwiches are piled high and their iced beverages are sumptuous. 

Caffe Diem

Caffe Diem always seems to have the right tunes pumping through their speakers at the right time. For a little ambiance and a lot of tastinesses, this is the spot. Their macchiatos are, particularly on point. 

Meanwhile, their menu is nothing to scoff at either. They offer not only gluten-free but also paleo selections. With a friendly staff, a bustling menu, and ambiance for days, you won't regret hitting the pause button here for a little while. 

French Twist Tea Room

The French Twist Tea Room sprinkles a little bit of Parisian Charm into these shorelines. Of course, you can enjoy a gourmet cup of joe when you're here, but you really want to take advantage of their wide range of loose teas. 

If it's a cool evening, pair that cup of tea with one of their delectable soups. If it's a true southern summer day, then you'll be excited to bite into one of their creative crepes. We're talking the likes of bacon, mushroom, spinach, and Gruyere cheese. Can't beat that! 

For a little charm, dashed with a bit of class, you'll be glad you and your loved ones dipped into this Parisian charmer. 

Myrtle Beach Coffee Shops

Fresh Brewed Coffee House

Located on Broadway Street, you're going to be in the heart of the action here. Better yet, these guys are the self-proclaimed "pulse of the artisan scene." You know what that means; you're going to have a finely brewed cup of coffee or a delectable cappuccino made by expert hands. 

Their "mission" is pretty cool, too. Right on their homepage, they attest to a desire to bring people together and establish connections to community resources and caring people. Sounds like a pretty nice place to stop and recharge. 

Sweet Ice Rolled Ice Cream and Bubble Tea

Do you have any friends on the bubble tea bandwagon? It's an Asian delight that you should definitely try.

You'll discover sweet iced tea dotted with "bubbles", or pops of tapioca pudding. It's really a multi-sensory delight. 

Some might even find it more refreshing than iced coffee or tea. But, if you're stopping through, loaded with little ones, they're going to delight in the rolled ice cream.

It's basically just a fancy way to give them the scoops of their dreams, but you're going to love every last bite. So, for something different, be sure to add this to the list. Who was ever sorry they took a break with bubble tea and ice cream? 

The Roasted Bean

The Roasted Bean is situated on some prime real estate, right in The Market Common. This is where you go to savor sprays of lovely boutiques and family activities, including bowling and a theater company.  

Given their location, you're likely to hear some live music pumping through their doors from the Common. So, while you're pondering their wide selection of drinks and savory snacks, you'll quickly realize you're glad you came. 

Best Coffee Shops in Myrtle Beach

So, what do you say? After you fall in love with the sunny shorelines of Myrtle Beach, do you think you'll consider a move here? Not only will you find the best coffee shops in Myrtle Beach, but you'll also fall in love with the endless sunshine and tall, crashing waves. 

When it's time to make the move to paradise, we hope you'll give us a call here at JP Real Estate Experts. The beauty of this community is that, even though you'll be living right on the Atlantic, the housing market makes room for every budget. 

Houses here range from $180,000 to a couple million. You'll be able to make a home no matter how much you want to invest in that roof over your head. And, best of all, there are tons of shopping options at your fingertips, world-class restaurants, and coffee shops galore.

There's a real community of people who love living here and we'll be glad to see you enter into this daily paradise, too. While you're enjoying life in the slow lane, here are seven ways to relax in beautiful Myrtle Beach.