The most recent studies reveal about 29% of the U.S. population lives in a coastal area. Of these coastal dwellers, many are retirees. 

The ocean is a huge draw for many people. Thinking about retiring in Myrtle Beach? Then you're thinking about beautiful ocean views and nonstop, year-round entertainment. 

Find out why retiring in this oceanfront city is like taking a permanent vacation!

retiring in Myrtle Beach

1. Elevated Mood from Negative Ions

Have you heard of positive and negative ions? Positive ions aren't good for your body. But negative ions are. And guess where there are plenty of negative ions?

At the beach! Beach air contains many thousands of negative ions from the surf pounding the sand. The pounding action of the surf circulates negative ions in the air. 

That's one of the reasons you feel so good when you're on the beach. Studies show people with depression benefit from negative-ion generators. But why buy a negative-ion generator when you can live at the beach?

And on top of those negative ions, there's also the amazing natural views...

2. Natural Views Reduce Depression

And natural views also reduce depression. Especially interesting are studies revealing large swaths of blue space decrease psychological stress

The ocean certainly qualifies as a large visible blue space! 

3. Access to City Amenities While Remaining Close to Nature

When you're out in the forest, it's beautiful. But it also means few amenities nearby like grocery stores and other shopping. Sometimes it even means no Internet or cellphone signal. 

If you don't want to be cut off from the world when you retire, that won't work. 

But being at the beach doesn't mean giving up city amenities. Myrtle Beach is home to great shopping, the Myrtle Beach Skywheel, and a boardwalk full of entertainment

You won't be giving up city amenities, but you will have awesome natural views. 

4. Temperate Climate

The ocean makes for a temperate climate. It does get hot in the summer when temperatures climb as high as 90 degrees. But the winter is mild with only about 40 days of weather around 32 degrees.

There's also the occasional bad storm and even hurricanes. Peak hurricane season runs from August to October. But most of the time, expect a temperate climate. 

5. A Fantastic Investment

Beach property is always a great investment. There's always a demand for properties near the ocean. This means your property appreciates over time. 

Also, it's easy to rent out beach properties. Want a place near the ocean but you're not ready to move? Buy a place and rent it out. You can turn your investment into an income stream. 

Rental units at the beach usually fetch a higher price than units in other areas. Depending on the type of property you buy, you can even Airbnb part of your house while living there.  

6. Lots of Activities

There's so much to do at the beach, especially Myrtle Beach. From the Boardwalk to golfing, you'll never be bored. 

Water activities abound as well. Learn how to sail or jet ski. Go water skiing and swimming. 

Exercise never felt so fun! 

There's also Ripley's Aquarium, Alligator Adventure, and WonderWorks.

WonderWorks is full of interactive exhibits that are part amusement park and part museum. There's even a 6D extreme motion theater where you'll feel like you're moving while sitting still. 

If your grand kids love reptiles, don't miss Alligator Adventure. There are over 1,000 alligators! You'll also see snakes, turtles, lizards, and frogs. 

And after seeing all those reptiles, if you've got an appetite, there's some great eating in Myrtle Beach.

7. Great Eating

If you love to eat, Myrtle Beach won't disappoint you. From steakhouses to seafood, the options are endless. 

And speaking of seafood, you can't do better than being near the ocean. Seafood is a healthy choice and something we all should eat more often. But if you're not near the ocean, the options aren't always fresh and delicious. 

That's not the case in Myrtle Beach. You'll get some of the best seafood around. And of course, there's a Joe's Crab Shack. 

Even if seafood isn't your thing, there are plenty of other options. From Mexican to Italian to Barbecue, you won't tire of trying new things. 

8. No Need for Expensive Vacations

Lots of people go to Myrtle Beach again and again for a great vacation. But if you're living there, you won't need to go anywhere else. 

No annoying airports, no long drives. Stay at the beach, kick back, and enjoy your time. 

9. Awesome Nightlife and Social Opportunities

There's always great nightlife at the beach too. And Myrtle Beach is no exception. Check out the pub and bar scene on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. 

Check out Duffy's Tavern or the 8th Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill. Tiki bars are always fun. And you'll see plenty of locals and tourists alike. 

Right below the Myrtle Beach Sky wheel is a Jimmy Buffet restaurant called Land shark Bar & Grill. Enjoy a drink while watching people stroll the Boardwalk. 

10. Sleep Better

Do you think of sleep when you think of the beach? You should! You'll sleep better at the beach. 

With less stress, the natural views, and negative ions, you'll get a great night's sleep every night. 

Your body absorbs more oxygen from the negative ions. This equalizes serotonin levels making it easier to sleep.

Thinking of Retiring in Myrtle Beach?

Retiring in Myrtle Beach is like going on a permanent vacation. Who wouldn't want that?

There are so many benefits of living at the beach. The natural views and negative ions reduce stress and depression. When it comes to vacation time, there's no reason to leave your home!

You'll have access to city amenities while being surrounded by nature in all her glory. You'll enjoy a temperate climate with lots of sunshine while knowing you've made a sound investment. 

There are so many great activities! Enjoy water sports, golf, museums, and amusement parks. And when it's time for some nightlife, there are tons of bars and restaurants. 

And after all those activities and socializing, you'll go home and get a great night's sleep. 

Are you ready to buy a house or condo in Myrtle Beach? Take a look at Myrtle Beach listings here