What you need to know about selling Myrtle Beach real estate in 2012

Selling your home or real estate in Myrtle Beach may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, but even the most conservative predictions are expecting growth in the home sales market for 2012. First-time home buyers are starting to look more active, as one-third of home re-sales were made to virgin buyers in 2011. Since 2012 is projected to remain a "home-buyers market", it is the home-sellers who need the most help. The Jerry Pinkas team of Myrtle Beach realtors is here to help you sell your home and gain the highest amount of money possible.

Here are some tips you should consider when selling Myrtle Beach homes:

Make sure the price is right

According to the National Association of Realtors, average homes for sale in Myrtle Beach took four months or longer to sell over the past year and almost half of these home-sellers accepted 90% or less of the asking price. It is important to figure out the most recent comparable sales (including short sales and foreclosures) as well as a summary of sale prices in relation to their original listed asking price. Using this information, Jerry Pinkas' team of real estate experts in Myrtle Beach will determine what the "right" price is to ask for your home or real estate.

Curb appeal should not just stop at the curb

Home staging, inside and out, is very important in these difficult real estate times. An exterior appearance is very important for first impressions, but that also needs to translate indoors. Take that extra time to repair any damages done whether small or large, it will pay off in the long run. Make prospective buyers feel at home when they visit your home for sale, as they are looking for a new place to call their home. You want to give those home buyers a lasting positive impression and make them remember the property, not make them notice the things they dislike. It is also very helpful to leave behind a small amount of furniture so the visitors can get room staging ideas, humans are very visual creatures; make them "oooh and ahhh" over your place without having them think too much.

Be generous, but not a push-over

It is important to be flexible on negotiations, everyone likes a seller who is easy to work with! Don't be afraid to offer paying closing costs, property taxes, cash credits for remodeling work, HOA fees, seller financing, etc. Unfortunately, someone selling Myrtle Beach real estate in today's market does not have the luxury to snub low-ball offers. Instead it is important to take certain offers and work with them, making them reasonable for both you and the buyer.

Social media is not only used for entertainment

Let a Myrtle Beach real estate expert in selling homes use some cyber tactics. Facebook and Craigslist are routinely being used to list and search for homes for sale, so let the Jerry Pinkas real estate experts increase your home's exposure online.