What do you get when you mix the one-part resort area, one part history, and one part affordability?

You end up with Market Commons, a relatively new suburban gem in Myrtle Beach that's close enough to the beach for a quick trip and far away enough that you won't be caught in the hustle and bustle downtown during peak season. 

The community with a proud background and lots to do isn't just a nice place to visit – it's an ideal place to buy a home. Here are 6 reasons you should browse Market Common homes for sale when considering your next real estate purchase...

The Market Common Homes for Sale

What is the Market Common?

The Market Common was the result of a project to redevelop the closed air force base that closed in 1993 in the area. It was also once part of the important military base that was active during the Second World War and other major conflicts. 

There is still a connection to the military history, as many of the streets are named after heroes that served. Buddy Styers is a retired air force colonel that played a large role in the development of the community, serving as the executive director of the Air Force Base Redevelopment Authority. 

There are trolley rides in the area that can give you some of the military history, as well as historical markers that tell the tales of the heroes and structures that are part of the story of the area.  

Many people who are buying a property in the Myrtle Beach area are retired and looking for their next place to live, seeking the warm average temperatures year-round. 

The Market Common Myrtle Beach

1. Market Common Homes For Sale Are Affordable

While an oceanfront property might be what you have in mind, you can find everything you're looking for just a short distance away. If the budget is at the top of your mind when you're browsing the market, then Market Common real estate is worth a second look. 

You can find properties that give you plenty of living space while being close to all major amenities for an affordable price compared to cities in other states. You may also be able to find a foreclosed home in the area for thousands less than market value. 

However, the average price of homes is steadily going up in Myrtle Beach, so it probably pays to act quickly. Especially since it was named #1 in the 25 Best Places People Are Moving to in 2018. 

2. The Homes Are Near Many Amenities

Whether you like shopping or dining out at fine restaurants, you can find all of it in the Market Commons community. That's not taking into account all of the art galleries, theaters, and more to add some more culture to your life. 

There's never any shortage of events that take place in the area as well, from farmer's markets to festivals and more. The market area has become so popular, it's even home to the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. If you like golf, you're in luck because there are several golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area. 

If you don't feel like driving a short distance to the shore to dip your toes in the water, there are also pools and other amenities that are exclusively available to certain homeowners in the Market Common area. 

3. You Can Choose a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

Perhaps you're looking for a townhome with plenty of space for your growing family. Or perhaps you'd like a slightly smaller living space with a condo that still offers all of the features you need, which is popular among retirees that no longer want all the upkeep of a detached dwelling. 

There are advantages to both, such as the amount of maintenance required, but it really comes down to your tastes and budget. There is a wide variety of Market Commons properties available to browse. 

4. Property Taxes Are Very Reasonable

When it comes to property taxes, South Carolina is one of the friendliest states in the country. You can expect to pay an effective tax rate under 0.6, and you might qualify for a homestead exemption which results in even less impact from property taxes. 

There are other tax-related reasons to relocate to South Carolina. For example, the state does not tax Social Security benefits, and you'll get a substantial retirement income deduction to help with your state taxes.

5. You'll Be Near One Of The Best Beaches in The World

Buying a home in Market Common means you'll be a short jaunt from Myrtle Beach, which is right in the center of a massive 60-mile stretch of beach known as the Grand Strand. 

You can take a bus or car from Market Common to Myrtle Beach, and either way, it will only take you about 15 minutes. 

While the area draws millions of tourists every year, the population of the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area is under 500,000. You can relax in the suburban atmosphere of the Market Common while still having easy access to the beach and everything the area has to offer. 

You'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach because there are about 215 sunny days a year in Myrtle Beach. 

6. Top Quality Healthcare

It appears the healthcare community has recognized the growing number of retirees in the area, and there are many top-notch medical facilities available in the area. 

In fact, there are three major hospital systems that serve the city and the surrounding area, whether it's an emergency or you need specialized care. 

You'll Find A Lot in Common 

Why not make the leap from vacation area to your permanent home? 

With the affordable cost of living, affordable properties, range of local amenities, and nearby pristine beach, it's not hard to consider why you'd want to check out Market Common homes for sale. 

To find out more about homes for sale in all of the communities in Myrtle Beach, read our blog, or contact us.