Deciding on a place to settle in retirement can be a bit overwhelming at first. There are many factors to consider including your health, the type of climate you prefer, and proximity to family. And of course, you should settle somewhere with a reasonable cost of living and plenty to keep you busy.

Retiring in Myrtle Beach, SC may just be your ticket to paradise if you enjoy a temperate climate, access to healthcare, and friendly neighbors. Myrtle Beach is a place you can call home any time of the year, whether you prefer to vacation during the cold winter months or stay all year long.

If you're interested in learning more about a Myrtle Beach retirement, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we're discussing why Myrtle Beach could be right for you.

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Retiring in Myrtle Beach

Is Myrtle Beach a Good Place to Retire?

Beyond some of the world's most esteemed beaches is a community that welcomes newcomers and travelers, and the occasional beach bum. You'll find world-class cuisine, shopping to your heart's delight, and peaceful, easy nights cruising down the beach roads.

Retiring in Myrtle Beach is a good idea if you enjoy meeting new people in the way of social adventures. There are locals and tourists intermingled at every coffee shop and wine bar in town. Family-friendly venues are also extremely popular so you can bring your grandkids out for some fun when they come to visit.


There are over 200 sunny days in Myrtle Beach each year which gives you plenty of time to get outdoors and enjoy all that the city has to offer. The average temperature is around 74 degrees, taking into account average highs of 57-60 degrees in the winter. No more shoveling snow!

The summers can heat up a bit, but there's always a gentle sea breeze to keep you cool.


The Grand Strand comprises 60 miles of beaches stretching through and along Myrtle Beach. Pick a spot and pitch your umbrella for a day of sunbathing and swimming. Or, grab your sailboat or fishing boat and get out on the water.

The beaches in Myrtle Beach are clean and well kept. Take yourself to the beach and soak up your retirement a little.


It's been noted that Myrtle Beach is the Golf Capital of the world with over 100 Golf courses in the area. All courses remain open year-round, and with such pleasant weather, you can enjoy a round with your friends just about anytime you like.

If you're interested in a more challenging golf game, there are also 30 mini golf courses in Myrtle Beach. You can even attend the US Pro Mini Golf Tour each year at in North Myrtle Beach.


Take a break from the beach and the golf course to attend a festival that you can find almost every weekend in Myrtle Beach. Look for the Blue Crab Festival and Oktoberfest. There's also the Little River Shrimp & Jazz Festival and multiple concerts, mostly during the summer months.

Myrtle Beach Cost of Living

Myrtle Beach averages a lower cost of living than many retirement prone regions in the United States. It ranks lower in both housing and transportation than the United States average. You can rest assured that you'll be making a good investment for your retirement buying a home here.

Property values hold well in these communities. And, rent and mortgage payments average lower than the rest of the state.

Retirees also enjoy Myrtle Beach for low sales, property, and income tax rates.


Myrtle Beach and the entire stretch of the Grand Strand offers endless shopping and boutiques where you can find the perfect items to complement your beach lifestyle and gifts for your loved ones. Look for the Coastal Grand Mall where you can find everything in one place. There is also the Tanger Outlets in Myrtle Beach that may entice you with special deals that are hard to pass up.


Myrtle Beach offers world-class dining and menus for any palette. You'll find restaurants and eateries scattered throughout the region so you'll never have to go far to find what you crave.


The Grand Strand Medical Center is a full-service emergency care hospital that also specializes in cardiology and women's health. You'll also find several best in business medical facilities throughout the area.

Leisure Activities

There's more to say about what you can do to fill your leisure time in Myrtle Beach. Many retirees enjoy the golfing and tennis. Biking on the beach is popular for many locals and tourists alike.

Whatever you enjoy most, you're likely to find a slice of it here in Myrtle Beach. You're never far from that which you seek.


If you plan to travel in your retirement or have lots of loved ones and friends visiting frequently, you'll need a way to get around.

The airport in Myrtle Beach has services for American, United, and Delta, as well as regional airlines like Allegiant, Porter, and Spirit.

You'll also find it easy to navigate your way out of town on Highway 31 and learn to avoid Highway 17 traffic.


Even though Myrtle Beach is a larger town, there is a proper amount of emphasis on being involved. Once you move to Myrtle Beach and become a local, you'll enjoy feedback from other locals that have interest in professional organizations, community service, and medical facilities. There is plenty of room for involvement in the form of volunteer work, too.

Myrtle Beach Retirement

Grand Strand is one of the best places to retire in Myrtle Beach. Not only is there all of this to keep you busy, but you'll also enjoy a nightlife scene, whatever your taste.

If you prefer to work in your retirement, there are also plenty of job opportunities in Myrtle Beach. You can work in a laid-back beach atmosphere in the tourism industry, or there is work available at the medical centers in the area. South Carolina is also ranked as a pro-business state with low-income tax and no inventory taxes.

No matter what you prefer to do with your Myrtle Beach retirement, there is something here for you.

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