Want the fun of a Californian pier atmosphere mixed with good, home, southern values? What about a vacation spot that understands the value of vintage but avoids kitsch?

Yes? Well then put Myrtle Beach, SC on your to-travel list. There's something for every generation of your family, perfect for a family reunion.

What kind of things to do in Myrtle Beach can you enjoy? Everything from the beach to baseball, to classic rock music. You won't run out of choices.

Want more information? We're profiling our top 10 activities below.

myrtle beach things to do

1. Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum

What's better than a cool museum you can look around? A cool museum you can play around! There's nothing not to love about this nostalgic family-friendly attraction. Trip Advisers top attraction in Myrtle Beach!

Take a break from the beach and dive into the air conditioning with historic games from the 80's and 90's. You can show your kids how to play the game you loved as a kid or battle your now-grown sibling.

Leave your quarters at home - once you pay admission you've paid to play every game in the museum!

It's low-cost, high-fun, and only four blocks away from the beach. Start stretching your thumbs, you have to prove you've still got it!

Pinball Museum

2. Myrtle Beach Beach!

It shouldn't surprise you that an attraction in Myrtle Beach is . . . the beach! Yes. There's a reason it's a summer vacation spot for sun-loving families.

This beach on the South Carolina shore has everything a family can want for a beach day. We're talking about mild waves, enjoyable temperatures, and fishing opportunities.

It's the perfect place to teach little ones how to fish, especially from a dock in Myrtle Beach state park (more on that later).

The mild waves aren't great for major surfers, but it's a great place for kids to learn. Or adults! There are opportunities for water sports at almost every beach stretch along the sand.

Bring your boogie board or sand skimmer, you'll find with affordable accommodations down the beachside, you can bring more toys. No more lugging beach gear miles down the road!

The beach in Myrtle Beach


We recommend shelling out (see what we did there?) the extra for a beachside accommodation. Parking and public restrooms can be difficult to find in high-season without a close-by home hub.

Most public beaches along the 60 mile Myrtle beach stretch have manned lifeguard stations. You still need to keep an eye on the kids, but it's nice to know there's an expert in case anything goes awry.


The best time to visit the beach is the high season, which lasts from June to August. Though there are the most people there then, you'll relish in temperatures hot enough for the beach, but a break from the southern heat.

In late summer, you can expect some late-day rain showers, which are common in the South. From about 3:30-5, there are usually clouds and a chance for rain.

This is a great time for the family to take a nap and break from the sun after playing at the beach all day!

3. Myrtle Beach State Park

On the South side of the city, away from all the hustle and bustle, you'll find Myrtle Beach State Park. These protected waters are under the caring hand of local government.

Some sources call this an ocean forest site - there's so much natural (underwater) foliage. Motorboats and commercial fishing aren't allowed in these protected waters.

That doesn't mean you can't fish, though. Visitors are welcome to try their hand at catching dinner - just make sure you check local regulations for throwing back certain fish!

Find local permit information here.

If you're so inclined, you can camp in this beautiful natural park. This is an affordable way to stay close to the beach, with rental fees all under $50 per night.

You have gas hookups at some, but it's worth making a reservation or calling ahead to check you'll have all the access you need.

There are integrated activities at the park, but some cost extra - so budget in some petty cash expenditures.

4. Pelican Ballpark

Did you now that the Chicago Cubs have a connection to Myrtle Beach, SC? It's true! The Cubs pull some of the best talents from their affiliate, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.

The SC team is a Class-A advanced affiliate, which means they partner with the Cubs to nurture players not quite ready for the big-city team yet.

The park is officially TicketReturn.com Feild, but that doesn't roll off the tongue. You're more likely to hear it called the "Field of Dreams" or "Pelican Park".

The history of the stadium location and the team goes back to 1945 - when there was the Historic Carolina League.

If you're trying to convince a non-sporty family member to go to a Pelican game, you can encourage them to learn about the league's history. Learning and sports - there's something for everyone!

Be sure to check their website before you attend a game. Tickets are usually easy to get, so wait until you see the web offering a promotional special. You'll find things like BOGO hot dogs or $1 beer games.

Get your ball-park on!

Myrtle Beach pelicans baseball

5. The Carolina Opry

You've heard of the Opry if it's the Grand Ole, but what about its Carolina cousin? The Carolina Opry isn't as expansive as the Nashville attraction but in a good way!

If you've been to the Nashville Opry, you know you could get lost trying to find your way around the country-music indoor theme park.

The Carolina Opry isn't that overwhelming. Yes, it's beautiful and historical, but it's an afternoon attraction - not a week-long project.

It's been open since 1986 and their Christmas Special regularly sells out by September. Recent visitors who've seen non-Christmas shows report back that they're "Broadway Quality".

To find the Opry dates, check out their website which has their selection of shows.

You'll find the attraction to the North of the strip, so plan for a little traffic time if you're camping at our #3 attraction.

Carolina Opry Myrtle Beach

6. The Aquarium

Did you get stuck on a rainy day? The weather doesn't have to bum out your whole family. Ripley's Aquarium at Myrtle Beach takes up a hefty spot at Broadway on the Beach.

You'll pay a little more for this attraction than the others on this list, at about $30 per adult ticket. Kids are $17.99 each at the time of this writing.

What do you get for that entry price? About the coolest dangerous exhibit and encounter, you'll ever feel safe in.

"Dangerous Reef" is a three hundred plus square feet underwater tunnel you walk through (and under). Above and beside you swim some of the fiercest predators in the sea.

Sharks, eels, anything you'd avoid on the beachfront is enclosed in glass for your viewing pleasure.

Kids who are more hands-on can hang out at the Discovery Center, where there are horseshoe crabs to touch. Other hands-on animals include starfish and puffer fish, though the animals rotate.

Want a more immersive (literally) experience? You and your family can pay an extra fee to do things like swim with stingrays and get behind the scenes tours.

Since the aquarium is owned by Ripley, you can get combination tickets for the other Ripley attractions in town.

This includes the Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum and their haunted tour offering. If you've never been to Ripley's museum, we suggest it for kids 6-10 years old. Everyone will enjoy it, but that's when their imaginations and gullibility peak.

7. Mount Atlanticus Mini Golf

A mountain at the beach? Not the type you'd find on a map, but it's the name of the most popular mini golf place in Myrtle!

Locals and returning visitors find the Mt. Atlanticus course the one they keep coming back to. Even though there's plenty of healthy competition in town.

You can choose between two eighteen hole mini-courses, the Conch and the Minitaur.

Both paths have water features, creative hole options, and cartoon creatures. Kids will have fun checking out the course decor, even if they're tripling the expected par.

You won't pay out the nose for this attraction either. It's around $10-12 for kids to play and $14 for adults.

If you want to hit the green after a long day at the beach, prices go down after six pm.

Eat too much seafood at dinner? The course is open until midnight, so you can walk off those crab legs and butter.

If you manage a hole in one on the courses hardest hole, you could go home with free golf for life! Will you earn the honor?

Mt Atlanticus Mini Golf

8. Grown Up Golf Courses

If you're looking for a golf course with more sand pits and putting greens instead of windmills, Myrtle has those options too.

We could write another top ten article, just with golf course choices.

To save you that trouble, here are a few choices to check out.

Caledonia Golf Course

Want a new-course amenity with old-course charm? Caledonia has only been played for 19 years, but you'd never know it if we didn't tell you.

There are the classic southern trees, old and swinging with Spanish moss. You'll find yourself having visions of Gone With the Wind while you take your swings.

Dunes Golf & Beach Club

If you have the connections, you'll want to play out at the Dunes Club. Guests can play by arranging a tee time here.

This course is older than Caledonia, by a good bit. It opened in 1948 and boasts a course offering dubbed "Waterloo".

You'll play around lakes and elevated greens while enjoying the South Carolina sunshine.

Barefoot Resort

Want a cheaper option than the greens fees in the hundreds at the first two choices? Check out Barefoot Golf on a Wednesday. That's the day they discount their fee for all their courses all throughout the year.

You'll play in the site of a re-created plantation house, that has the right (and politically correct) type of southern charm.

You'll want shoes on the green - regardless of the course name. When you get there, you'll have four courses to choose from.

Myrtle Beach Golf

9. The Alabama Theater

Are you a country music fan? Or maybe you couldn't get tickets for the Carolina Opry for the time you're there?

You can try out the Alabama theater. It's the location of the classic country band Alabama's famous 1993 show. Even though they retired a few years ago, the band paid homage to their home by sponsoring the Alabama theatre.

Now, the theater boasts guest performers and their regular ONE: The Show. ONE: The Show is a combination of about every music genre out there - all the family-friendly ones anyway. During a ONE show, you can hear everything from country, to gospel, to classic rock music. You usually find adults here sans-kids, but well-behaved children are welcome.

This is a great way to end your trip, with everyone getting dressed up and seeing a show. Some shows go late, so it's perfect to keep kids up so they'll sleep on the car or plane the next day.

Alabama Theater

10. Myrtle Waves Water Park

Was the ocean not enough of a watery thrill for you? Don't sweat it. Myrtle Waves Water Park is the biggest in South Carolina.

We're talking over thirty slides and other water-based attractions.

Those under forty-two inches tall can play in the mild (not wild!) wave pool and splash park. There's a small area for toddlers and they get discounted rates.

Seniors can expect a price cut as well, so if Grandma's willing to go to the water park, bring her along!


top ranked things to do in Myrtle Beach

Things to Do In Myrtle Beach

If you're looking to get a vacation house, buy something in the area, or even just rent a hotel room - Myrtle Beach, SC won't steer you wrong.

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