It's one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, so it only makes sense that Myrtle Beach retirement sounds like a paradise.

With moderate temperatures, friendly neighbors with that southern hospitality, and a relaxed pace of life, it's the most picturesque place to settle down on this side of the hemisphere.

Reasons You Should Consider a Myrtle Beach Retirement

Myrtle Beach is the best place to live in South Carolina, with its sunny weather, beautiful shores, and a huge amount of activities. Moving from the northeast states or simply not familiar with the scene in Myrtle Beach? We've got the guide for you.

An Oceanfront Oasis

When you hear oceanfront house, you might think well, I'm not a millionaire. Well, in Myrtle Beach, you don't have to be a millionaire to retire right on the coast. The housing in South Carolina is ultra-affordable, even for one of these picturesque homes sitting right next to the water.

That means when you settle down, you get to settle down to the sun setting over the ocean every single day. Your kids and grandkids won't be able to wait to come to visit because they can play in the water. And you might want to take up some watersports for yourself, even.

Get to Know the Festivals

Especially in the summer, Myrtle Beach is always hosting some kind of festival or event to keep you entertained now that you're not working.

They've got the World Famous Blue Crab Festival which attracts 50,000 visitors each year. Attendees hang out on the waterfront and listen to live music while eating, unsurprisingly, blue crab.

There's also the Little River Shrimpfest, featuring jazz music, a shrimp cook-off, and yet again a beautiful waterfront location. They also have the Aynor Harvest Hoe-down, the Beach, Boogie & BBQ festival, the Carolina Country Music Festival, and more. If that many festivals don't make this place one of the best beach retirement places, we don't know what does.

Get Your Golf On

Like any of the best places to retire, Myrtle Beach has plenty of golfing available to you. In fact, it's been said the Myrtle Beach is the golf capital of the world.

There are over 100 golf courses all across the area, many sitting right on the waterfront so you can have a beautiful beach view while you take a few swings.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air

Speaking of all the events happening right on the ocean, you're going to want to take a stroll or five or six every week during your Myrtle Beach retirement. Studies show that living next to the beach actually improves mental health.

In general, being near nature helps to reduce stress, but being near the ocean takes it a step further. Blue spaces, in particular, have a calming effect - there was not as much of a benefit for people living near green areas as those living near the water. So not only is living near the water a great view, it's also going to help your mental health and reduce your stress.

The Best Dining Experience

Living near the water has more benefits than just an uptick in mental health - when you retire in Myrtle Beach, you're guaranteeing yourself some of the best seafood in the world, every single time you go out to eat.

Your local grocer and your restaurants both receive fresh catches every single day. And you can even take up fishing for yourself when you don't feel like heading out to the store.

You also get fine dining on the waterfront, and people who really know how to cook up a delicious Southern meal.

Broadway and Boardwalks

If you somehow grow tired of the oceanfront, you can head on down to Broadway at the Beach, a huge outdoor entertainment center with all the live shows, shopping, and restaurants you could ever ask for.

Once you get tired of Broadway, you can stroll on over to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk & Promenade, where you get to stroll along the pier and watch the Myrtle Beach Skywheel light up the night sky.

You also get to visit Ripley's Aquarium of Myrtle Beach, Ripley's Believe it or Not, or go on a Myrtle Beach zip line adventure.

The Most Affordable Living

The cost of living in Myrtle Beach, considering it's a retirement community with such a wealth of activities to participate in, is still surprisingly low. In fact, it's much lower than the national average.

The average cost of renting an apartment is about $600 for two bedrooms and two bathrooms at 950 square feet. The average cost of buying a new home is about $214,500 for a 2,4000 square foot home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage. If you come from anywhere with a city background, this sounds incredibly cheap.

A composite score was collected by the ACCRA to determine the cost of living in various locations across the country. A score of 100 ranked as the national average. Myrtle Beach scored a 94. In comparison, places like Washington, D.C., scored 140, and Manhattan in New York scored 220.

Gas weighs in at $3 a gallon, which is also lower than the national average. In general, if you're living in Myrtle Beach, you're paying less for things than other people across the country. And we don't think anyone could complain about that.

Ready, Set, Retire

Retire to Myrtle Beach

If you're still not convinced on a Myrtle Beach retirement, we still have many more reasons to retire in South Carolina. But at this point, we're just about ready to pack up all our things and move on over to the boardwalk.

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