Life doesn't get much better than living in an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach, aka, the best beach in South Carolina

As if that wasn't enough, Myrtle Beach also made a list for one of the best places to live in America. And it's no wonder. Myrtle Beach has a thriving job market, is full of family-friendly activities and boasts miles of stunning sandy beaches and a mild climate. 

All that sounds like the perfect recipe for a great life by the coast. And with an oceanfront condo, you can make the most of having the beach on your doorstep. 

But there's just one dilemma. How do you make your Myrtle Beach condo your own? You want your decor to complement your coastal location. But you also want your home to represent your style and preferences. 

Check out these coastal decor ideas for new and original ways to bring the outdoors in. 

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1. Light, Bright and Airy

One of the main advantages of an oceanfront condo is the natural light that comes streaming in from the coast. 

Take advantage of this by keeping your windows bare for an uninterrupted view of the ocean all day long. Or, at the very least, keep your drapes light and airy to complement your beach house decor. 

Another way to create a light and airy atmosphere is to center your color palette around a white base. This makes rooms appear bigger and brighter and brings the wide-open feel of the coast into your home.

But, so as not to overdo the white, add color and texture throughout. Ways to do this include wooden flooring, rugs, house plants, patterned tiles, and colorful soft furnishings. 

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2. Blue with a Twist

Blue is often a favorite color for home decor, but it's almost a given when it comes to coastal decorating ideas. Of course, it's not hard to see why, with the blue waves out there inspiring you, it's only natural to want to bring the ocean inside. 

But, the beauty of the ocean is the many shades of blue it encompasses, from deep navy to warm turquoise. If you're going for blue as part of your beach house decor, consider ways to incorporate this range of shades through different patterns and textures. 

Adorn wooden tables with blue glass vases, or add a pop of color to your seating area with a plush powder blue armchair. Make a feature of turquoise and white geometric wallpaper, or add a blue patterned rug to your living room. And, in the kitchen, a delicate navy and white tiled backsplash can add interest. 

3. Embrace Outdoor Areas

If you're lucky enough to live in an oceanfront condo with a balcony or terrace, then this outdoor space deserves your attention too. 

After all, as much as you try to bring the beach into your home, warm sea breezes and the sound of crashing waves are just two of the many benefits of coastal living. As such, you'll want to spend as much time outside as possible when the warm weather comes. 

Even if space is limited, deep-seated chairs or comfortable sun loungers are a must for an inviting outdoor space. These are perfect for reading and relaxing. And, if there's room, a small table adds extra convenience and creates more of an entertaining outdoor area. 

4. Sandy Accents

While a blue and white palette evokes a coastal feel and makes the most of the natural light, these colors can sometimes feel cold. 

Which is why you need to take inspiration from the sand as well as the sea. Sand-colored accents add warmth and help to break up the coolness of a blue and white combination.  

Consider items such as jute rugs, wicker chairs, a sand-colored candlewick bedspread, or a wicker ottoman center table. A bonus of natural-tone accessories like these is that they also add texture to your home, which helps bring a minimal color palette alive. 

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5. Subtle Coastal Touches

When decorating an oceanfront condo, it's all too easy to go overboard (pun intended) with beach-themed home decor.

You might start with a couple of nautical knick-knacks. But, before you know it, your home is so full of anchors, starfish and deckchair prints that you feel like you're living in a seaside souvenir shop. 

There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from the natural beauty offered by the coast. But subtlety is key.

A coral pattern is an unexpected way to evoke an ocean theme. Plus, 'Living Coral' is tipped as the color of 2019. Shell coasters are another subtle option. Although shells are a classic coastal decor item, keeping the touches small and practical works. And, you could try an abstract shore-inspired print for a sophisticated way to adorn the walls. 

The result will be a home that references rather than exploits the relationship to the nearby ocean. 

6. Sunset Shades

For many people, there's no better time of day at the beach than sunset, when the open sky is lit up with shades of orange, purple and pink. These sunset colors add warmth to the blue sky and contrast beautifully with the ocean.

And, these colors can bring this same warmth and contrast into your beach-themed home decor. 

Consider occasional pops of color inspired by the sunset sky. This could include throw cushions in shades of burnt orange and peach, or matching dark pink lampshades at either end of the sofa. 

7. Take Inspiration from Around the World

There's no reason you have to limit yourself to American-style beach house decor. After all, with the ocean on your doorstep, why not take inspiration from coastal homes across the waters? 

For a laid-back communal area, opt for low tables, cotton rugs and sumptuous floor cushions propped against decorative arches for a Greek island feel. 

Or, you might prefer a Moroccan-inspired coastal riad vibe. Mix delicately patterned wallpaper punctuated with antique metal scones, and bright white sofas loaded with cushions. 

When it comes to coastal decorating ideas, think about the places you've visited or would love to visit. Because, even if you can't make it to that villa in Capri or that Ibiza hideaway, you can reflect what you like about these beach locations in your own home. 

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Coastal Decor Ideas for Your Beachfront Condo

As these coastal decor ideas, there's plenty of scope for original ways to make your Myrtle Beach condo your own. 

By considering the colors and styles you love, as well as how you plan to use your space, you're sure to enjoy every aspect of your home as much as you like its location.  

And, if deciding how to decorate a beachfront condo in Myrtle Beach sounds like a problem you'd like to have, check out these condos for sale.

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