Myrtle Beach Turnberry Park

The Myrtle Beach area has plenty of beautiful homes and mansions for sale, but if you are looking for something a little bit smaller let the team at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts help you find the perfect condo! There are plenty of great condo sales in Myrtle Beach; many of the condos in the area got foreclosed on during the housing collapse, leaving plenty of great options for those who are interested in buying.


If you are looking for a great area to buy a condo in, check out Carolina Forest real estate. Carolina Forest is one of the fastest growing areas in the Grand Strand. In the last ten years over a hundred houses have been built as well as a post office, library, multiple restaurants, grocery stores, fire departments and much more. Located just a few miles from the beach, Carolina Forest has significantly less tourist traffic than many of the other areas in Myrtle Beach. If you want a great condo, there are beautiful condos located in Turnberry Park. Turnberry Park condos tend to have two to three bedrooms with two bathrooms. Many condos feature spacious patios and kitchens will all the modern appliances. Turnberry Park is a beautiful neighborhood with jogging trails, two community pools with hot tubs, picnic areas and the buildings have brick exteriors. These spacious condos are perfect for newly-weds or retired couples that just want a small space to take care of. The condos are reasonably priced at 70-80K.


If you want to check out the condos at Turnberry Park or the Myrtle Beach area, make sure to call the Real Estate Experts at Jerry Pinkas. Their dedicated staff can help you find the perfect condo or homes for sale in Myrtle Beach. Find your dream home is their mission, call them today if you are buying or selling in the Myrtle Beach market.