Life is full of beautiful memories: roller coaster rides at a theme park, walking a beautiful trail path at the local park, but none more beautiful than when you're at the beach.

It's one thing to vacation to the beach every year, but it's an entirely different experience getting to live by the ocean.

Every day you get to wake up and know that your city is a beautiful blend of land and water, the way nature intended it to be.

Only those who dedicate their lives to the beach can understand certain aspects of it, here are several examples of that!

life on the beach

1. Everyone Wants to Visit You

You'll never have more consistent waves of family visiting from out of town than when you live by a beach.

Not only do your family members love you, but they also love where you live.

Having a relative or friend (you) that lives so close to the ocean is a dream come true. 

Now they can visit you, hang out with you and have a mini-vacation by spending those days relaxing on the beach, breathing in the ocean air.

You may find your weekends to be a bit more busy than you thought, even if you moved to the ocean by yourself.

visiting the beach

2. There's Always Something to do

Normally there comes a time when you'll stumble upon not knowing what to do during your day off.

You feel as if you've explored the entire town, all the breweries, and wineries around it, and don't really want to go to the same place twice.

You'll never have that issue living by the beach because you'll never get tired of going. 

There's no more relaxing and fun way to spend a weekend that multiple trips to the oceanside.

things to do at the beach

3. Free Source of Entertainment

Many people that book vacations by beaches do so because of the free entertainment that it brings for the whole family.

Now imagine having that luxury year-round...

While your friends in other cities pay hundreds of dollars each weekend to find some fun, you and your family have had a blast chillin' at the beach for free!

It doesn't get any better than that. 

Not only is it free, but there are multiple ways to spend the day: sunbathing, wave-riding, swimming laps, shell hunting, fishing, the list goes on and on.

ocean entertainment

4. The Beach Will Always Be There for You

Those that vacation to the beach prioritize spending the most amount of time at the beach as they possibly can

That's because eventually, they have to return home to a city/state with no beach on it. Then, they'll have to wait almost an entire year before the next time they get access to a beach again.

Those that live by the beach don't have that stress. They can go whenever they want to and if they don't make it to the beach one weekend, it will be there waiting for them next weekend.

beach is calling you

5. Sand Is Now a Part of Life

Those that live on the beach have come to terms with sand being everywhere they go. 

You'll find it in your car, your home, your shoes, everywhere!

The best part is, it brings you happiness every time. It always serves as a reminder that you get to live in paradise.

beach life

6. Most of Your Closet Is Filled with Swimsuits

You know you live by the ocean when you become more obsessed with what you'll wear to the beach than what you'll wear on a date.

The date clothes don't matter since most people will be dressed in swimwear there as well!

Beach clothing is trendy, comfortable, and represents the beauty of your life... who wouldn't want to rep that every day?

live by the ocean

7. Newfound Respect for the Ocean

Have you ever noticed that you can tell whether each beach-goer is someone local or visiting from out of town? 

One of the main reasons for that is the level of respect that locals have for their nearby ocean. While it's a beautiful paradise most days, it can also flex its muscle to show it's true power the next day.

That can't be explained unless you've seen it with your own two eyes. Once you witness it, you'll remember it for the rest of your life.

Myrtle Beach SC

8. No Other Beach Compares to You're Beach

Perhaps the only drawback of living by the beach is that no other beach will ever compare to it. 

That can make going on family vacations to another ocean spot very difficult. You'll find yourself counting down the days to get back to it.

You'll also find yourself in a few debates standing up for your beach if someone says it isn't as great as another beach they've been to.

time at the beach

9. Local Eats Defeat Any Other Food Option

There's nothing better than local seafood. Period.

Going to the local eating spots is a thrill. Outdoor seating by the water, the freshly-caught game from the local market, and music playing all the time.

The drinks are always better when you're by the salty sea air, that's a fact!

Salt Life

10. It Never Gets Old

No matter how long you find yourself living by the ocean, you'll have the same thrill for it every time you set up shop on the beach.

The awe of the ocean's beauty never fades, and the smells and sounds are just as relaxing as ever.

The best part of your week will always be the time you and your family/friends spend on the beach... nothing can ever top those moments!

retire to the beach

Life on the Beach Is the Life for You!

Now that you've caught a glimpse at the reality and excitement of life on the beach, it's time for you to gain access to it!

Be sure to read this article on ocean view vs oceanfront property for helpful insight into what the perfect fit would be for you.

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