Myrtle Beach is a beautiful area to live in, but not everyone wants to live in the city. Luckily there are plenty of great smaller towns in the Grand Strand Area to live in. Check out the great south of Myrtle Beach real estate for the perfect house or vacation home.

There are beautiful houses in the Surfside Beach area that is just south of Myrtle Beach. Surfside Beach is a town of around four thousand people and its like living in its own miniature Myrtle Beach! The town has all the necessities you would need like a Wal-Mart, target and various restaurants and convenience stores.  The town is only a few miles south of downtown Myrtle Beach, so it’s a short drive to any of your favorite Myrtle Beach Attractions.  Check out these beautiful beachfront homes in Surfside Beach.


South of Myrtle Beach Real Estate 

1411-A Ocean Blvd

This beautiful Oceanfront home is priced to sell at 889K. The house features five bedrooms and four bathrooms and an in-ground pool.  This beautiful house has an amazing view of the waterway with porches on the first and second floor. The house has a beautiful kitchen with all the modern amenities like a stove, dishwasher, microwave and a breakfast bar.  This house is a great choice for a vacation home and is perfect for a family who wants extra rental income as this house can fetch over a $1,000 a week during the summer.


 Real Estate That is South of Myrtle Beach

214 16th Avenue

This amazing home in Surfside beach is located just two blocks away from the ocean and features a beautiful porch on the main floor. There is space for two cars under the house and two more in the driveway. The house has six bedrooms with five bathroom and an in-ground swimming pool.  This house is a steal in Surfside beach for only 550K.

Check out these great oceanfront property for sale in myrtle beach and the surrounding areas with the team at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts. They also do condo sales in the Myrtle Beach area if you are looking for something smaller.