Myrtle Beach generates 7 billion dollars in tourism yearly. But the area has even more to offer those moving to Myrtle Beach.

How exactly can relocating to and living in Myrtle Beach make your life better?

Here are our top 5 reasons to move to this area.

The Affordable Cost of Moving to Myrtle Beach

moving to myrtle beach

Moving to Myrtle Beach is a dream for many Americans, but often seen as out of reach financially. But surprisingly, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is not only known for its gorgeous oceanfront views but also for its low cost of living.

Myrtle Beach has some of the lowest property taxes in the country, making it an ideal location to buy a retirement cottage, beach house, or rental property. Housing in Myrtle Beach has a much lower cost of entry than similar beachfront towns along the East Coast such as Virginia Beach, VA.

Additionally, Myrtle Beach is an ideal market for retirees. Unlike other areas, South Carolina doesn't tax Social Security benefits. This allows retirees to take advantage of their hard-earned benefits. Retirees moving to Myrtle Beach benefit from the blossoming healthcare industry in the area.

All of these year-round tax savings allows you to enjoy what Myrtle Beach has to offer. Myrtle Beach has many unique, oceanfront dining options and boutiques to visit and enjoy with your tax savings. Festivals and events take place year round, there is no shortage of fun activities to fill your weekends within budget.

The Year-Long Sunshine

Myrtle Beach Sunny Days

Seasonal affectiveness disorder is a condition that affects thousands of people in the United States, particularly in the winter months. One of the only ways to relieve the symptoms is through exposure to natural sunlight. Moving to Myrtle Beach can offer this relief due to its ideal, sunny climate.

Myrtle Beach is a paradise no matter the season. There are around 215 days of sunshine and no more snow shoveling! The average yearly temperature is 74 degrees, and the temperature rarely dips below 55 degrees in the winter. This makes Myrtle Beach the perfect area for outdoor recreation activities such as kayaking, sailing, and fishing.

Moving to Myrtle Beach offers the best of both worlds. In the summertime when temperatures go up the ocean provides a calming breeze to cool you down. Family and friends will love visiting the area when it works best for their schedule, not when the weather dictates.

It's the Golf Capital of the World

Myrtle Beach Golf

Myrtle Beach is the undisputed golf capital of the world for the pro golfer to the casual putter. The area is consistently rated as a top golf destination in America by lifestyle and travel publications. Myrtle Beach also hosts golf events during the year that draw golf enthusiasts all over the country.

The area started as a golf retreat for high society and Myrtle Beach has maintained these high standards but is now open to everyone. Boasting around 100 golf courses, each has its own style and experienced duffers in the area each have their favorite courses to play. Notably, Myrtle Beach houses some of the best public golf courses in the country.

The top public golf course in Myrtle Beach is Tidewater Golf Club. Tidewater Golf Club is a perfect representation of classic Myrtle Beach golf courses in that it incorporates the natural beauty of the area into the golf course. When playing on this golf course you can really see why so many people are moving to Myrtle Beach.

There are so many more great golf courses and country clubs to explore on your own in Myrtle Beach. Additionally, many housing communities in the area offer their own private golf courses for residents. You can check out real estate listings and compare amenities here.

There are Miles of Uninterrupted Beaches

South Carolina Beach Life

Beach is right in the name of the area and is perhaps as big of a draw for both families and retirees moving to Myrtle Beach as the golf courses. The area has a gorgeous coastline and 60 miles of beaches to choose from. No matter where you are in the area you are never far away from the beach.

Because there are so many beachfront areas in Myrtle Beach the area has a wealth of beachfront property. This makes the dream of owning an oceanfront home and condo in Myrtle Beach accessible for most people.

Another benefit of living in this area is the ecosystem and natural beauty. Certain times of the year different species of sea turtles lay their eggs on the beaches. You are also able to enjoy dolphin watching tours and eco-tours in the area.

Myrtle Beach also has a ton of ocean and water-based activities to enjoy. You can take cruises, charter fishing tours, and kayaking in the area.

You'll Experience Warm Southern Hospitality

Friendly People of Myrtle Beach

The South of the United States is known for good food, a leisurely pace of life, and a welcoming reception. Hospitality is more than an industry in the South, it is a way of life that makes the South one of the fastest growing areas of the country.

Unlike other East Coast beach towns and cities, Myrtle Beach has a community, small-town feel. There is a tourist season in the summer, however, people who live in Myrtle Beach enjoy its charms all year. Additionally, there is a myriad of civic and social organizations in the area to get involved with.

This decidedly Southern flavor to Myrtle Beach is one its unique attributes. This influence extends to the look of the housing and planned communities, dining options, and music festivals.

Want to Own Your Own Slice of Paradise?

Own a Place at the beach

If these reasons haven't convinced you yet, all you need to do is visit to fall in love with all that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

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